About me

My name is George and my academic work is at the intersection of political economy and behavioural science.

My research primarily focuses on the foundations of democracy: how democratic institutions function, how citizens interact with them and how they can be improved. I look at the electoral cycle through four essential angles: i) the factors that affect citizens’ participation, ii) those that shape their preferences, iii) the effect of elections on policies and welfare, and iv) collective decision making when institutions fail.

While my individual papers focus on just one or two of these steps at a time, my research as a whole seeks to paint a fresh and articulated picture of how democracy works, from how voters think and act to the output of democratic processes.

  • Political Economy
  • Behavioural Science
  • Public Policy
  • PhD in Economics, 2021

    Swansea University

  • MSc in Financial Economics, 2016

    Cardiff University

  • BSc in Economic and Regional Development, 2015

    Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences


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Origin of (A)symmetry: The Evolution of Out-Party Distrust in the United States.
Journal of Politics, Forthcoming, (2024)
Les Misérables: An analysis of low SWB across the world.
Frontiers of Psychology, (2023)

Working Papers

Quickly discover relevant content by filtering working papers.
Religion, Identity, and Preferences.
‘Sleeping With the Enemy’: Partisan Sorting in Online Dating.
Under Review, (2023)
Partisanship, Government responsibility and charitable donations.
Under Review, (2022)
Who Needs Security in a Crisis? Evidence from an In-the-Field Choice Experiment in Lebanon.
Under Review, (2022)


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